Pack Structure

Pack structure is the cornerstone of our training program. Pack structure starts with pack leadership, establishing rules and boundaries. There are many different types of leadership, and this can be the cause for much debate. It is well documented that dogs learn by imitation. We need to make sure we are setting the right examples for our dogs. Our goal is to empower you and your dog, while reducing the use of force in teaching. Through transactional leadership we teach the dog to work for rewards. Many clients see that after changing their pack structure, there is a domino effect on the rest of their dog’s behaviors and mental state. You will see a happier, more confident and expressive companion. 


The term socialization is used many different ways, so it is important to explain what we mean when we use it. Socialization for us is the way in which a one acquires language, knowledge, social skills and a value system. In short, it is a blueprint for how to live. Most of these behaviors happen because your dog hasn’t had the proper learning experiences in their life. Going to dog park can be great, but it depends on the quality of the other dogs at the park. For more information please comment below, watch our blog, follow us on social media and contact our experts directly!


Dog certificates are different ways to recognize different training accomplishments with your dog. At Canine Moxy we currently offer certifications for three different organizations:

The American Kennel Club

The Association pf Professional Dog Trainers

Therapy Pets Unlimited

While we do offer to train service dogs, we do not offer certification. Certification is not required by federal law, and it is against the law for anyone to ask for anyone to ask for proof of certification.

Find out more about our certification programs !

Behavior Modification

Behavior modification stems from B.F. Skinner’s concept of operant conditioning. Operant conditioning is very similar to instrumental conditioning, which is our training platform. It also takes advantage of behavioral modeling or mirroring and biofeedback. Behavior modification works to reduce a variety of problems and is used to shape behavior. Using behavior modification, we can increase and decrease specific behaviors to create the perfect companion for you!

Dog Aggression

Dog aggression is one of the most complex and most misunderstood fields of behavior modification, even among so-called experts. It is completely unacceptable that the two mainstream quick fixes for aggressive reactions are euthanasia or prescription medication. At Canine Moxy, we believe dogs have just as much personality, free will and intelligence as humans. Humans and dogs have completely different motivations, views, and goals in our lives – this is where problems begin. We have never recommended euthanasia, never medicate dogs and have a 100% successful rehabilitation record. If you believe your dog has aggressive tendencies, you’ve been told your dog is aggressive, or someone has recommended you medicate or put down your dog – your dog deserves a second, expert opinion! Call us now!


Obedience is not just about getting your dog to listen. It’s about establishing a two-way line of communication so that you and your dog can clearly communicate with one another. Many people start down the path of obedience thinking, “The dog will do anything I tell them to do, exactly when I say it, exactly how I tell them to”. While many dogs are capable of learning to this level, few owners can train their dogs up to this level. Humans expect immediate responses to authority figures, but seldom learn what being a good authority figure is. Remember that with great power comes great responsibility. Find out more and schedule a free evaluation today!

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