No matter what your training goals are, Canine Moxy is here to help you succeed. Obedience is not just about getting your dog to listen. It’s about establishing a two-way line of communication so that you and your dog can clearly communicate with one another. Building a bond, learning each other’s body language and growing through shared experience.

Many people start down the path of obedience thinking, “The dog will do anything I tell them to do, exactly when I say it, exactly how I tell them to”. While many dogs are capable of learning to this level, few owners can train their dogs up to this level. Humans expect immediate responses to authority figures, but seldom learn what being a good authority figure is. Remember that with great power comes great responsibility.

When I tell a dog to “sit”, people watch and hear me simply say “sit” in a calm, level room volume without moving. The dog immediately stops everything it is doing and sits, then looks directly at me and waits for the next command. They think I can make the dog do anything I say. That is not the case. The dog has been conditioned to understand that when I say “sit”, this means there is a reward somewhere in the room. If they want the reward made available to them, they will need to execute a specific action. So, while I can communicate this to the dog, the dog is not sitting because of obedience. The dog is sitting because they have learned that I ask them to do simple things, and it is always to their benefit if they comply. There’s something in it for them – whether that is play, toys, food, affection or another reward. Over time this creates a bond, trust and willingness to put forth more effort in the future. ​​

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