Dog aggression is one of the most complex and most misunderstood fields of behavior modification, even among so-called experts. It’s is important to note here the differences between obedience and behavior modification when we talk about aggression, as they are two completely different fields in the dog world. The goal of obedience is to be able to give your dog a command and have the dog execute a specific task in response. Obedience will never teach your dog to not be aggressive. It will, however, give you some tools to help manage your dog while working on behavior modification. A good example would be a sit or down. Having a dog trained to sit or down while you work with them during behavior modification can greatly increase the productivity of behavior modification, but will never address the underlying issue – how your dog feels about whatever is triggering their reaction.

It is completely unacceptable that the two mainstream quick fixes for aggressive reactions are euthanasia or prescription medication. At Canine Moxy, we believe dogs have just as much personality, free will and intelligence as humans. Humans and dogs have completely different motivations, views, and goals in our lives – this is where problems begin. We have never recommended euthanasia, never medicate dogs and have a 100% successful rehabilitation record.

Before Kris ever began working to rehabilitate aggressive dogs, he started working controlled aggression dogs, and then began training dogs for controlled aggression. Controlled aggression dogs would include dogs trained for sport and real world applications. The culmination of these experiences lead to better understanding of the dogs thought process, body language and confidence levels.

If you believe your dog has aggressive tendencies, you’ve been told your dog is aggressive, or someone has recommended you medicate or put down your dog – your dog deserves a second, expert opinion! Ours is free. Don’t live in fear, anxiety or guilt for another day. Call us now!

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