What is Canine Moxy?
Canine Moxy was established in 2008 by Kris Tait to help every dog and owner have the relationship that both deserve. Merriam-Webster dictionary defines moxie as being 1) energy, pep; 2) courage, determination; and 3) know-how. Canine Moxy fulfills all those definition. Canine Moxy has the energy and pep to take on any challenge from puppy imprinting to aggressive dogs on their last chance. We have the determination and courage to tackle any needs of both dogs and handlers from communication to pack structure. And Canine Moxy has the know-how to get the job done in a way that makes everyone happy. Here at Canine Moxy, dogs and handlers are like family. There isn’t a problem that we have not been able to fix! Through the different skills that Kris and Alix bring to the table, they have made many families happy again. With the ability to help any problems you may face with your dog(s), Canine Moxy has the answers you need!
At Canine Moxy, we believe that there is always a way to help dogs. One of the key specialization that Kris does is Aggressive dogs. He believes that aggression is a word that is too easily thrown around and overused. He loves getting these types of dogs to work with because he believes that all dogs, and people, deserve a second chance.
It is our goal to give you the skills and tools that you need to succeed in living happily with your dogs. By phone, text, or email Canine Moxy is always there to help with all your dog training needs.

About the Trainers

Canine Moxy was established in 2008 by founder and owner Kris Tait. Kris is a 90% Service Disabled War Veteran. He has studied under various Master Trainers and over years has developed a new, unique and completely modular dog training system that works for every dog in any situation, regardless of your training goals! He uses many techniques, tools and experiences at his disposal to create the perfect experience for handler and dog. His techniques are easy to understand and he is always there if clients have any questions. In 2017, Kris will start working towards his Veterinarian degree, and then plans to continue on to become a Veterinarian Behaviorist. Kris Tait has not met a dog that he could not train. From the obedience to aggression and beyond, Kris can do it all.

Alix Tait joined the team in 2015. She has a Master Degree in Education specializing in Child Development and is currently working on her Doctorate in Psychology. She relates mainstream psychology, educational techniques and child development protocols to dog training and allows us to maximize education of dog and handler during every session. When she’s not busy instructing, you will find her handling other dogs, providing distractions and introducing various stimuli to the environment to enhance the training experience.

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